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St. Martin in the Passiria Valley

St. Martin is a small municipality in the beautiful vacation region of Merano and Environs in Italy. Around 3,235 inhabitants live in this tranquil village, which is only around 16 kilometers from Merano/Meran. The main village of St. Martin, which today also includes “Saltaus” and “Quellenhof”, was established in the Middle Ages.

The main attraction in the village and a popular photo motif is the parish church, around which the village developed in the Middle Ages. Tradition and culture are still very important in St. Martin today. The village is also famous because the Passeier painting school was once located here – you can still see real works of art on many of the house facades. This painting school existed between 1719 and 1845; frescoes on a number of houses still bear witness to this former attraction.

The public swimming pool and tennis courts in the village are popular with both locals and tourists in the summer months. Sporty tourists will also feel right at home in the modern climbing hall. In the municipality of “Saltau”s, the public hay baths and sauna also invite you to relax and unwind.

The town of St. Martin

In addition to the main municipality of St. Martin, the parts of “Saltaus”, “Quellenhof”, “Matatz”, “Kalmtal” and “Christ”l also belong to the municipality. In total, the area of St. Martin stretches over ten kilometers.


The district of Christl is located above St. Leonhard and lies on a sun-drenched hill. Just 100 inhabitants live in this part of the municipality today. Not only does the Merano High Mountain Trail pass through Christl, but the Texel Group Nature Park is also not far away – making the district of Christl highly recommended for all nature lovers. But it’s not just in summer that you can feel at home here: In the winter months, the nearby Pfelders ski area attracts countless sports-loving tourists.

Kalmtal Valley

Kalmtal, with around 320 inhabitants, is characterized by the river Kalmbach, which meanders picturesquely through the village. This part of the village is surrounded by countless meadows and forests that invite you to take long walks.


Matatz is a kind of scattered settlement located at an altitude of around 1,050 meters. Only around 100 inhabitants live here. A highlight here is certainly the 2,191-metre-high Matatzspitze, which towers imposingly over Matatz.


The Quellenhof district is known for its exclusive and upscale hotels. There are also countless golf courses here, so golfers are often drawn to Quellenhof.


Saltaus is the southernmost village belonging to St. Martin and is only around nine kilometers from Meran. Here it is the Hirzer area that attracts hiking enthusiasts from near and far. The panoramic cable car takes tourists up the mountains.

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