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The town of Merano is a popular destination for an enjoyable day trip during a stay at St. Martin. Since Merano is only some 16 kilometres away from our resort, the journey takes less than half an hour by car. The spa centre of the health resort of Merano is well-known far beyond the Italian borders. Yet, there are numerous other attractions which are worth a visit.

Flora lovers should not miss the opportunity to visit the Botanic Garden of Merano. The park is marvellously arranged around the “Trauttmansdorff” castle in the eastern part of the town. The much visited park comprises, among a lot of other attractions, four distinctive botanic areas and ten art pavilions. The little guests are enthusiastic about the “discovery trail” in the park.

The South-tyrolean Archeology Museum shows its visitors a quite outstanding attraction: the “Ötzi“, probably the most famous mummy in the world. For millenaries the body of the “Man from the ice” has been well preserved, being today one of the most famous attractions of South Tyrol. The “Messner Mountain Museum” is not less interesting. In this museum, founded by the mountaineer Reinhold Messner, the visitor can discover the fascinating world of mountaineering.


The town of Bolzano, the capital of South Tyrol, is absolutely worth a day trip. The visitor ought not to miss the opportunity to visit the old town, including the so-called “Bozner Lauben”. Bolzano is often referred to as the “Town of the Contrasts“. The guest can discover there, on the one hand, innumerable romantic winding alleys, which invite for a relaxed stroll, and, on the other hand, numerous pubs and restaurants. The so called “Bozner Lauben” are much visited. The picturesque arcades are a particularly impressive feature of this shopping area, which is exclusively reserved to pedestrians.

Val Gardena

The Val Gardena hides another popular sight of South Tyrol.: the worldwide biggest crib, which is continuously extended by as many as 18 wood carvers, who are permanently working there.

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